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The Weekly 5 : This Week’s Likes, Dislikes, and Holy Grail Wannabes

What a week!  Busy at work and then lost my voice at the end of the week.  And the weather… It keeps changing on me and I have to layer up just to ensure I’m comfortable. Overall the shift is towards cooler days, and my needs have turned towards staying moisturized and hydrated.

The Fab 5 for this week are:

Moist Hemp Spray-On Argan Moisturizer1. Moist Hemp Argan Spray-On Body Moisturizer ($8.99) – This stuff is amazing… lightweight but does a great job of moisturizing. It’s quick and easy to apply, even to hard-to-reach places, and with a light rub soaks in instantly. It’s light pleasant scent won’t compete with my fragrance.
Lush Lemony Flutter2. Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter ($17.95) –  a cult classic for a reason. Save all your cuticle oils and heavy moisturizers for nighttime, this stuff is awesome for the daytime.  I keep it at work and slather it on as needed.  It nicely moisturizes and brightens with an uplifting lemony scent.
MAC Spite Lipglass3. MAC Lipglass in Spite ($15) – I am a huge fan of MAC glosses… the yummy vanilla scent, wide range of colors and finishes, all at a decent price.  Spite, a “muted plum-taupe brown” with a subtle shimmer is perfect for fall and suits most skintones.  I suggest stocking up as it often is sold out.
Beautyblender4. beautyblender ($20) – I’ve had this thing for a year or so and rarely ever used it. Frankly I wasn’t sure what all the hype was about, until now.  I recently started using the TEMPTU Air (which I’ll be reviewing soon) and was looking to get a better application of my concealers to help my large pores look smaller and skin look flawless. It does a wonderful job applying my BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector, Benefit Erase Paste, and IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer. By rolling and pressing the concealer into the skin I achieve a better finish before using my TEMPTU, and the tip is great for blemishes.
And since hydration starts from the inside out… 20151113_122543
5. Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer – I drink lots of water, everyday, and while I usually don’t have a problem getting my 8+ glasses in, sometimes I need something a little different.  I regularly drink tea too, but sometimes you want something with a little zing. All natural and calorie-free Polar Orange Vanilla Seltzer is a nice change of pace when regular flat water won’t do. The fact that it tastes like a dreamcicle is an added bonus.  I can’t wait to try more of their flavors! Ooooh, cocktails anyone?!
Until next time…

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