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When you spend 40 plus hours a week at a place, day after day, week after week, one might as well make it comfortable and more enjoyable. A few good products, gadgets, and décor will make whistle while you work (or at least get you through the day). Here are some of my favorites to spruce up the office or cubic and leave you feeling more pampered…20160121_160659

  1. Evian Mister – A must! Feeling a little dry in your office due to lack of humidity? Mist! Tired after a long night or just having an afternoon slump? Mist! Makeup needs a refresh? Mist! Hair looking a little blah?… I think you get the picture – when in doubt, mist!
  2. Hand Cream – Did you know you can better tell someone’s age by looking at their hands?  It’s true – most people will slather their face with creams and potions, but completely neglect their hands. Dry air, harsh elements, hand washing, touching papers all day… we put our poor hands through the ringer. Having a great hand cream on hand (pun intended) will prompt you to use it, and your poor hands will thank you with less cracking, stronger nails, cleaner cuticles, and smoother skin.
  3. Bluetooth headphones, speaker, or both! I use all the above. I have small blutooth headphones which I use majority of the time, but sometimes the office is either too quiet or too loud and playing some nice jazz, classical, or even nature sounds (since I rarely get outside during the day) through my little blutooth speaker is a nice change.  And for those times I forget to charge my headphones or need to direct connect, a pair of wired headphones come in handy.
  4. Computer Glasses – I read on a blog some time ago that the person wore “computer glasses”, sometimes referred to as “gaming or gamer glasses”, which block blue light that is emitted by all the electronic devices we view.  This blue light can mess with our natural sleep cycles and also cause headaches, etc. I recently decided to try a pair and found some for around $30 on Amazon.  I don’t always remember to wear them, but I do notice a difference and they seem to work, not to mention that I look super studious and serious (Lol). I may even invest in a more expensive pair or ask my eye doctor about getting a pair with my prescription.Now if I’d just remember to wear them at night!
  5. Plants – They bring the outside in and help clean the air around you – enough said.
  6. Quotes, pictures, and pics – It’s the personal touch that makes the space. 20160121_160707
  7. Desk Lamp – A little extra light can make all the difference. It can help brighten up your workspace and maybe even your demeanor.
  8. Phone/Tablet Holder – I recently picked up a couple from BlueLounge and I LOVE THEM!
  9. Planner – Your life is much more than the office.  A great planner can keep you organized, on point, and make the transition from work to home and back again a bit more seamless.
Hey, when you spend 40+ hours of your week at a place (give or take a few more for meetings) you might as well make it more comfortable and enjoyable.
Until next time…

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