Wen In Doubt…

I’m a Wen Girl. Years ago I saw Chaz Dean on an infomercial, and then he was on QVC. After seeing a couple “before & afters” I tried it and never looked back. After all this time I’m actually surprised I’m still using it… I’m a bit of a makeup & beauty junkie and rarely do I purchase an item more than once. The beauty industry is constantly coming out with something new that sounds a-mazing and I must try it!

Wen comes in various scents/formulations. I’ve tried many of them, but my favorite though is the Six Thirteen formula. Lemon, rosemary, and vanilla bean along with 11 amino acids clean and condition hair while adding strength and elasticity and repairing damage. It smells amazing and really improves the condition of my hair which can get damaged from coloring, heat styling, etc.

I highly recommend applying the product in 2 applications. First, be sure your hair is completely wet. Then apply enough product to fully coat the hair, working it into the ends.  Leave on for 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly, and repeat.  My hair feels clean, conditioned, with a little volume and bounce.


I’ve tried some of the styling products as well.  The Mousse, Styling Crème, Volumizing Treatment Spray, Replenishing Treatment Mist, and the Treatment Oil (my latest product to try) are all wonderful.  Even the Nourishing Body Treatment for the body is great and ultra moisturizing without being greasy. Chaz even makes products for men, kids, and pets.  Recently I purchased the Kid’s Cleansing Conditioner in the Watermelon scent and it smells fantastic – I might even use it on occasion myself!

Now, whenever someone hears I use Wen the inevitably bring up the recent lawsuits against Wen. Frankly there is always the possibility someone could have a reaction to a product.  Perhaps some of these stories are legitimate.  I also know that stress, certain health issues, vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, hereditary balding, etc. can also cause hair loss. In all the years that me and my family have been using Wen we have not had any issues.

If your hair isn’t in the best condition it can be, or if you are looking to try something new, give it a try!  I highly recommend purchasing from QVC – they have amazing deals and product sets you cannot find anywhere else.

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