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I am Pretty Happy… Are you?!


Hello everyone! I think I currently have more posts “in progress” than I have published, but considering I’ve been on quite the hiatus and every weekend I say “I’m going to work on work on my blog!”, but then I get distracted by The Real Housewives of … and I digress…

I’ve always been an avid reader, but it goes in spurts.  I have a tendency to collect books, drawn to the latest in lifestyle, beauty, health, fitness, or diet.  I’m on a constant search for a connection…. trying to figure out what makes me tick and how I can live to my full potential.  Sometimes it’s not that the information is new or revolutionary, it’s the way it’s presented… and that’s the appeal of “Pretty Happy”.

I saw this new release and read a brief blurb about it in one of my many magazines.  Since it just came out there were few reviews when I started my research. (I research everything…whether it be a car, a book, or a new hand cream. I like to see what it’s all about, what the reviews say, etc.) I came across a few good reviews, and then one for the audio-book version. The person raved about the book and noted that Kate herself actually reads it. My iPad in hand I found the sample, listened, and pressed the “Buy” button. That reviewer was right, the book was really enjoyable to listen to and Kate’s bubbly personality really came through. I’ve never really been an audio book person in the past, I’ve always liked having the hard-copy. But if it’s done right, with the right narrator, which I think more often than not should be the actual author themselves, well it’s quite enjoyable to be read to. And for the content… well it’s a book about health, fitness, and happiness. There’s no earth shattering information, but it’s laid out nicely and easy to digest.  There’s numerous references to utilizing a “Drawing Board” to work through exercises and help you to connect with yourself and develop a better understanding.  Kate talks about what she eats and makes suggestions with sample menus.  She goes over workouts she likes and proposes questions to consider to help you find the workout that’s right for you. She covers doshas and what dosha you might lean towards and how that insight can help guide you in your choices. There’s lots of information on self love and self acceptance (how can one be pretty happy without this?!), but the she conveys all this information in a way that is not pushy or preachy. She’s that sensible cool friend that makes everything seem effortless and gives wonderful sage advice.

Now, I liked the book so much I went out and bought the hard-copy as well! I highly recommend getting both as the hard-copy is nice for referencing the supplemental materials and exercises for the “drawing board”, but I still love having her read it to me.

So go… go get this book… in any or all formats that you wish!  Let me know what you think, and I hope you’re pretty happy too. ;o)

Until next time…





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