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3 Days to Amazing

I have been reading so much lately… blogs, books, magazines, etc.  So many things have been peaking my interest – it’s like I’m on the hunt, I’m just not sure exactly what for… everything, anything, who knows. Somehow I happened upon the Perricone Three Day Nutritional Facelift™. Something about the diet being anti-inflammatory really appealed to me for some reason, oh and the fact that I could look and feel amazing in just three days? Sign me up!

20160419_054835 (2)

My Usual Breakfast


Pros: It is quite a bit of food, and you feel pretty satiated. I will admit I did mix in some dark chocolate coated almonds and macadamia nuts with my raw almonds, but it was minimal and I made sure it was dark chocolate. If you like salmon, you’ll love this plan. Since it is only three days you can prep some of the food in advance.  And IT’S ONLY THREE DAYS!

Cons: There is some planning and prep involved, but then any conscious effort to be healthier will require some work. If you don’t like salmon, this will be a bit of a challenge as quite a bit of salmon is consumed. And it’s not just any salmon, but wild Alaskan salmon, which can be quite expensive. You can shop around though and often find it on sale.  You can also have canned salmon once a day as an option. It’s best to complete the three days when you don’t have any big events or plans and can make most if not all of your food.

So I did the three days… and what were my results?  I lost a few pounds.  I was glowing. I looked and felt AMAZING. I was so impressed I continued on the program for 2 more days, then the weekend hit and I slowly veered off the path.

Since then I’ve picked up a few of Dr. Perricone’s books and am planning to get back to my euphoric glowing state.

Interested in learning more about the Three Day Nutritional Facelift™? Click here.

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